Sunday, June 17, 2012


She wears a hint of kohl in eyes,
looking radiant and beautiful in a lovely blue frock.
She sits there amongst young kids and birds,
softly humming the hymns of times today.
A kind hearted soul she is,
mingling around helping visitors to have an relaxed stay.
A wonderful host for everyone in this paradise,
this beautiful girl's smile makes nature bend its rules and can stop the tick of its clock.

Published in the book -"Reflections on a Blue Planet-Land, Sea & Skyby Brian Wrixon. 
Copyright ©2012 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life
(All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)
Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don't claim any of its rights.


  1. Dear Elvira,
    What lovely imagery you conjure up with your words. This river is indeed like a kind-hearted soul. Great metaphor! Thanks for sharing & visiting.

    Don't forget to bookmark your calendar for July 6-7 for Blog Hop Saturday! and Lovers Cove Challenge #2 (date & challenge to be determined). Hope you can make it to both events!
    Have a great week ahead!

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

  2. Dear ANDY,
    Nature is filled with its magestic beauty and this little maiden is one of them.Andy, your sweet comment brings in the melody of your poems to my ears.Thanks a lot:)


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