Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sometimes Life.......

Sometimes I feel life can be a bit crazy and harsh,

Sometimes I feel life has made me stronger to take a breathtaking start.

Sometimes it hurts when people whom you love tend to deceive,

Sometimes life takes a U- turn and showers many I receive.

Sometimes all goes well and I almost get my reward,

Sometimes certain situations make me feel like a coward among the crowd.

Sometimes all my efforts go in vain,

Sometimes some moments take away all the pain.

Sometimes I don’t know what in life lies ahead,

Sometimes I lie awake thinking in my bed.

Sometimes I wonder why Life is such a mystery,

Sometimes I ponder what’s in store in my destiny.

Sometimes thoughts are confusing, words begin to jumble,

Sometimes and every time, I try not to stumble.

P.S: Life - A Seesaw

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  1. Happens to everyone... The more you try to ponder, the more lines you can compose with "sometimes" as the starting word... :-D Good one Elli... Neatly composed... :)

  2. these lines reflect my journey of life...sometimes good and sometimes fair...Thanx rPhoenix;)


@ ITS MY really matters :)


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