Sacred Womb

Nine months I held you in my womb,
your birth has bought my life a new bloom.
You lay in the cradle your daddy fitted ,
wearing a cute dress your mummy knitted.
You wrap me around with your small hands,
your charms make me fulfill your every command.
Baby, I am really in awe to see you smile,
makes my happiness to reach the sky.
You cry to seek my loyal attention,
waiting for the day wen you will call” mama” in precision
I know you love the beautiful nursery we designed,
where my lovely princess loves to spend most of her time.
See, I bought you new presents and toys to play with, My Baby,
I can see your curious eyes wondering what they may be,
It's already evening, how quickly time passes by;
now its time for Mama to sing a sweet lullaby.
Baby look at me, why are you looking so pale,
oh ...oh dear my sweetheart, dont't give me start,
You know, I have planned for you a special treat,
Dont do this to me, its makes me skip my heartbeat.
"She is not there, don't hurt yourself, please come to reality,My love!!!"
.............No...No...No it can't be be true.....
Was I speaking to my EMPTY WOMB............................

Umbilical Cord-Womb(Part 2) ~ its my life 
Copyright ©2012 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life

(All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)

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