My Guardian Angel- Raina Miss

In my childhood I have read many fairy-tales and books,
about prince charming, Cinderella and robin hood.
it is said that everyone has an guardian angel sitting in heaven,
who cares and stays besides him/her without being seen twenty-four seven.
But, I found my angel to be sitting around me,
She is bestowed with eternal beauty and charismatic personality.

My angel has a magnetic smile,
her cheerful glance makes you mesmerized for a while.
My angel, I hold and hug her unlike visionary fairy dreams,
She is my best-est friend, I proudly proclaim with gleam.
She gladly taught me many lessons of life,
her thoughts making me live up to her style.

My angel's gentle words gave me strength and comfort,
and hope and zeal to take up challenges and put in my true efforts.
She knew the pulse of my abilities and talent,
and was the firm motivator who instilled confidence and most cherished event.

Thank you, My Adorable Angel - Kajali Raina Ma'am, may the spark of happiness and goodness of health always be with you .HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA'AM:):):)

Yours truly,
Elvira Lobo.

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