Friday, January 20, 2012

Interview on a Drive

Dear Friends,

Hi,Thanks to spare your precious time to read this interview....I am a star like all of you(smiles)...

I live close by the Earth.She is my best neighbour and friend for years...You didn't seem to notice that...right???(questions)... Well, I am old now, no beauty- dark and grey...Covered with footprints all over my face...and the harsh gravels that hurt me everyday...I don't complain to the dents that the mighty vehicles make and give me a headache for days.......or when podgy feet swell during the monsoon(sadly)...All my life, I have worked 24/7 and 365 days a year.....there were moments when i couldn't breathe... I get gifts of new clothes only during Elections.....sometimes during festivals if chance be...And well, don't ask what i eat...the dirty garbage thrown on me makes me sick...I don't ask any compensation for that(sarcastic laugh)... Most of the times....people sell me expired cream to cover my face temporarily(frowns) elections...hear grumbles and mocks from others...yet want me to stylish, shiny and can this change???

Yours truly,
A old Road down your lane

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  1. a very well written post..very diffrent from your genre of writing..wish someone could mail it to all the netas and the likes for them to read the plight of the roads and the people..

  2. the change can't happen overnight...someone has to take the initiative...dats wat i want to convey thru this interview...

  3. the best i can do is thru this blog...:)Thanks Always

  4. Very well written- new clothes during elections, garbage thrown on me, expired creams....sad facts.

  5. Hariharan Valady -thanks so much for ur appreciation. And also for being a member of my blog:)

    Seen ur blog too, Journalist- is dat a novel u r!!! all the best:)


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