Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Japanese Painters

Just the other day, was watching a Japenese Show which featured a documentary on Ancient Art describing the a family dedicated to paintings, craft etc. The head of the family was the oldest being 87 years old had started this business with a passion for paintings as a hobby when he was young. Today, his wife and daughter has joined him. The paintings defining every moment of their daily was put to picture perfectly!!!!!!!!!

Oh!!!!! u really need to see the paintings!!!!!!!!!!! Every ,minute detail like a person's creased brow depicting a worried look, the frills on the dress playing in the garden is too perfect and hard to ignore just like we write a poem or even a blog. The best painting done by the family was a scroll painting of about 3 feet wide combining a pictorial combination of each of the family member's childhood memories together which took them nearly 5 years to complete it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kudos to the painters. I hope that Indian tradition and Art too gets the same respnse like others.Thus, many say that nuturing a hobby is necessary.... be it writing, singing etc.!!!!!!

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