Saturday, May 22, 2010


Thalessemia .........the word may have struck a chord. Yeah, this is related to blood disease with no cure!!!!!!. The no of thalessemia patients have increased and is a real concern.

I first learnt about it when we had a thalessemia test in the college . Never thought of such a pain which has to be faced by little children.So a step by the younger generation can save many lives and pain. Thalessemia are of two types: minor and major.

Being a thalessemia minor is not a problem until both the spouses are minors. This can lead to child being born as thalessemia major.Bone marrow tranplanation of the sibling is the only option which is difficult and expensive. Such patients are daily suffering by infusing litres of blood into their body......imagine the lil kids !!!!

The pains and torture that the patients are going through cannot be told in words.So a simple test can save the future.Help others to be aware and support this cause!!!!!!!!!

P.S: can support my cause on helpthalessemiaawareness- facebook

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