Sunday, April 23, 2017

Little one

I cradle you
smiling into your timid black eyes
melting into your pink cheeks
that cuddle near my bosom
dreaming about your future
as you yawn to grab a wink
palming your fingers close to your lips
as you hum a song you heard somewhere
I mediate on these moments
as you jolt me away from this silence
with a sudden howl
a wild one accompanied by a pleading
of a need or situation or reason
I am unable to understand
worrying you more as you find me
totally helpless in answering to your need
that's when you babysit me
holding my palms closer to you
vaguely communicating the bird in the song
who has fled his nest has his little one
cupping his palms to mine
waiting to fly.

Words and Verses

I can scribble words and verses
yet this heart is stuffed to the brim
how long will this pitcher pour

Scattered bits

how much to gather bits of myself
scattered all around
they themselves have turned into an atom
invisible to any attention

Is it a commitment?

Make a commitment
to keep few hopes in life
coz when they break
it dawns upon you
that you are also broken from then on....

When you know it...

if smiling would ease the pain, there would be no dearth  of them
if changing yourself would mean life is good, there would be no attitude then.

Grim tale

his curvy smile
couldn't take away
her snoopy frown 

Morning bliss

a multitude of flowers
draped in silver laced veil
danced on the lush green stage
celebrating the anvil of spring
tiptoeing the beautiful bee
glowing in her radiant golden gown


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