Thursday, October 26, 2017

Scarecrow - Picture prompt

My poem- Scarecrow - winning poem of JULY prompt on TSL

Hey bro , look at the grey clouds
Will it rain today, I  have a doubt
Step carefully, one  at a time,
The beautiful fields are rushing along the breeze, it is just about their dinner time      
Wave to the birdies and call them home
We can have a quick chat with them seated on the cables, otherwise isn't it so lone
Aaron, the mighty tree wont you join us today  
Let us have you sing in your glorious voice that will reach scarlet  manes at  bay  
Berman, Coldrack and Hugo ,gear up young lads,
 Shall we camp behind the golden haystacks like nomads?
Stop nudging and pulling my trousers, Tinkle
Ofcourse you are a part of the camp party, right Bro?
Meanwhile Tinkle manages to climb on his arm and whisper innocently,
We all will surely come, but whom are you calling out
I turned left to see a white clothing hanging midair, so shaken am I now, I cannot even mumble or shout
#pictureprompt Elvira


Eager sight
Vanished dreams
Translucent sleep
Timeless speech

Spell your name

If I could define love
it would start with you
and end with me
perhaps it continues to stay that way
writing in your name
and signing off mine
perhaps in between rests
chapters that unsettle our destiny!


She brisked on with life
Having that faint hope
will resurface sooner or later
......Everyday He spent sometime gazing at the stars from his terrace

Beyond conventions

You trouble me, confuse me
With your thoughts, your actions
Often repeating them
To be meant different each time
Though I often associate
my limited singular knowledge to it
Still not once, do you ever give up on me, my dear child
That unmatched love within you makes me less normal
#Autismseries #beyondconventions


We met again
A gentle flame flickered to Life


 A writer was always writing his/her thoughts
into prose or poetry , lines or chapters
pages filled endlessly with his/her signature ink
turned them into tall pyramids 
one, two, hundreds and thousands
everyday looking at it with pride ofcourse
but  with an urge to surpass all expectations 

   A time has now come
the walls have been so strong and huge
he/she has never taken a step beyond the wall
to greet ,meet or appreciate other writings 
to know  what it feels to see a smile on their face
for all of you are Significantly the same

   He /she  wouldn't care to understand that
an amateur is as brilliant as an accomplished one
that amateur will be guided, know of their abilities and errors 
only if that constructive feedback or appreciation is put forth

   And likewise a very good writer needs support, many positives
to hold onto, to  drive his writings in future 
To accelerate his thoughts, his ink into a powerful domain
Rich in  both content and context

   Irony is that the pyramids have blocked most of the path
turning it narrow to be walked on by only one 
And since the people beyond the wall have never met or know him/her
That writer has to take a positive progressive step
If only it is desired.......decide for yourself !


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