Sunday, July 23, 2017


What is the criteria for corporate appraisal
be consistent and be high or achieve high results
ANS my mind and heart was always

Q's and A's

Love more than what you can, it is often said
but how do we know much or is it enough
they interrupt by saying love has no end
but I wonder when was the beginning
they immediately reply that's when God made this world
If so, I question , what happens to love when we die
Loving another still continue if not you, then someone else
But what if love isn't left in this world , I argue
they answer, so its your duty to leave enough love for all to live.
......They heart and mind


 Behind the moving blue panes
 a shadow of pale red rose sits on her tresses
complementing the greens at her balcony
and specks of it on her saree
while her eyes see the early morning sun,
 dazzled in the universal embrace
the pale red rose watches the silent clothes
slenderly hanging on the side wire of an adjacent home
a hot tea pot simmering on the stove at her home
glimpse of her child babbling in her crib
the fishes swimming in her coveted tank
the hands of the clock taking tiny steps
vacant couch with printed cushions light up the living area
the pale red rose lays duct ......

Life Seashore

Life is like a seashore, when you pick or gather conchshells/ seashells
the tide washes them away in few seconds
it tempts you with a starfish
and you still do not fin another one soon
the clear blue above and below is just a lure
the wild storm is the reality
the seabed is a luxury to the eyes
but the filth that they deal with everyday is the truth

Mirror files

Oh dear mirror, don't stare at me that way
your starkness makes me nervous, a fodder to your stomach,
a prey you didn't need to hide
but thanks you do so
keeping away my truth
a reality difficult to digest through
the opaque convexes steals my secrets from the world
a reason it takes to decipher for my soul is a robustix swirl
keep the friendship alive and strong, you strong one
try not to reflect those secrets, even to me
oh dear mirror, I may break into pieces that may never join as one


The enigma you create is hard to resist,
the poison you spread is suffocating to intake
the words are a dagger that cut through my flesh
yet such an irony, that neither do I envy you nor you do so
Neither leave our companionship
nor shrug away from our ties
as raising your hand is just power
and as my tears are lethal missiles 

Opposites Attract

 I know you dont belong to me, nor do I
we are like the moon and sun who are just part of this glorious universe
yet there is a chemistry that is stronger than an equinox
the turbulence in our soul cannot even fathom the clouds
this love is so deep and wounded, complex like an eclipse
that with the elegy of rains, everything will be flooded,but unable to contain


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